Long Time!!!

Hey Beauties,

It has been a while since I have blogged and made videos. I have been so busy with my crocheting business that I havent had much time to tweet, blog, or vlog like I use to. I am still kinda of busy but I am very good with time management. I have been doing great with my hair, but I will be doing kinky twist pretty soon as a protective style. I will be doing them myself (fingers crossed). I just can not pay almost 200 dollars for someone to do when I can learn and do it for myself for a couple of dollars for the hair.

After becoming natural, I am learning to do things myself. I no longer buy lotions, washcloths, hats, scarfs, earrings, hair products (I was a project junkie so I still have tons of products left over-maybe I'll do a video and show you guys-its crazy). But I enjoy learning new things and doing things for myself. I just got back into crocheting and I feel in love all over again. My new project is a hello kitty scarf or blanket (I am a HK fan to death-crazy). I am now working on an order to for crochet washcloths with another natural that makes her own hand soaps (cool).

Here is some progress with my hair. Pics show a twist out done during my BC in June 2011 and my twist out now Aug 2011 (two months later)

More to come guys. Enjoy

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