Coconut Milk....NOT JUST FOR FOOD

How many of you natural bellas use coconut milk as a deep conditioner or added into shampoo. I have heard some really great things about coconut milk. I am learning how to make my own products and an official coconut junkie, I think it would be a great addition to my recipes. I did some research on benefits of coconut milk for your hair....and also provided some recipes to whip up in the kitchen

Coconut milk is a thick, creamy and fatty substance extracted from coconuts. It is high in proteins, vitamins A and E and many other vitamins which help to strengthen the hair and minimize the amount of breakage you may have had. Coconut milk is great for hydrating, moisturizing, repairing and healing hair and the skin.

Coconut milk is rich in proteins and is great for protecting the hair against harmful UV rays and helps to prevent frizz. Coconut milk is sufficient to put directly onto the hair but, try mixing with your favorite conditioner for more vitamins, luster and moisture. Remember, coconut milk is rich in proteins so it's not necessary to mix with a protein enriched conditioner.

1/4 cup coconut milk
2 tablespoons honey (great for as a moisturizer)
1/4 cup your favorite (non-protein) conditioner
2 tablespoons aloe vera juice -(great to balance ph level)
1 tablespoon or more of your favorite oils (jojoba, castor, sweet almond)
1/4 cup veggie glycerin

Combine all ingredients, section your hair and apply, allow to sit for at least 45 minutes to a hour with a plastic cap. Rinse and Style.

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