Carrier Oils, Essential Oils and More!!


I've been doing tons of research on different types of oils and their benefits for natural hair. I had no idea how much information there was about carrier oils, essential oils and other products that benefit your hair journey. Starting this new journey to becoming natural, this information has been very useful when making my mixtures for my hair. I posted two news video on YouTube about some oils and other products that you can use to make your own concoctions, and the benefits they provide for you hair. Most oils and products promote hair growth, strength, prevents dandruff, relieves dryness, provides moisture, and boost the overall health of your natural hair.

I got most of the products in this video at a Natural Food Store or Whole Foods. You can definitely buy these products off the Internet, such as eBay (which my mom's does) or amazon. I can see myself becoming a PJ (product junkie) because soon as I see another product or review, I want to have it. But, I am definitely liking making my own homemade products because I have more control over what I am putting in my hair. I do like products from NOW Foods because they are really affordable, or Spectrum or Nutiva for the Coconut Oil. All products depending on the size ranging from $5-$20 in price and depends on what your getting as well.

As far as shelf life, I have done some research on the shelf life of your carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils do go rancid over a period of time. So, make sure you store them in a cool, dark place and out of direct sunlight. Carrier oils will have a fowl smell once they go rancid, and the easiest way to tell, is by comparing the smell to another carrier oil that you know hasn't gone bad.

Check out the video on the benefits of these products for your hair. Thanks

Stay tuned..... <3

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